Thursday, July 16, 2009

Season 3, Episode 5: The List


Shortly before his execution, a Florida death row prisoner named Napoleon "Neech" Manley threatens to return and kill five men he feels have wronged him. Not long after, a death row guard is found dead in Neech's former cell. A guard named Parmelly tips off Scully to the existence of a list of those Manley plans to kill, in possession of a man named Roque. A severed head of another guard is also found, and Scully notes maggots and suffocation in both corpses.

Roque wants transfer off the block in exchange for the remaining names, but the warden refuses. The warden roughs him up a little, and Roque tells him that he's number five; Roque is found beaten to death soon after, but Mulder isn't so sure he's the fifth victim. Meanwhile, Neech's wife has been shacking up with Parmelly. The agents investigate the home of Neech's executioner, and once again find maggots, as well as the executioner's body.

In reviewing phone records, Mulder and Scully find that Neech made several calls to the lawyer on his case, who is currently busy trying to stay off the list; no such luck. Neech's wife believes she sees him return, and that Parmelly is Neech reincarnated; she shoots and kills him. Mulder doesn't think everything adds up, but Scully encourages him to just forget it. As he's driving, the warden sees Neech in his rearview window, shortly before Neech or his ghost strangles him and causes the car to run into a tree.

Ken Foree, who plays Vincent Parmelly, is best known for his role as Peter in Dawn of the Dead (and his cameo as a televangelist in the 2004 remake). Bokeem Woodbine, as Sammom Roque, also played Leon Cooley in Saving Grace.

Episode Body Count

Napoleon "Neech" Manley: electrocuted after failing to get a reprieve.

Two liquor store murders: the reason Neech is on death row, although Neech was only a driver.

Holdup gunman: Mulder says he is killed in the pursuit.

Death row guard: found dead in Neech's cell shortly after the execution.

Fornier: another guard, his head is found in a paint can and his body shows up soon after.

Sammom Roque: found beaten to death in the prison's showers.

Perry Simon: Neech's executioner, found dead and maggot-infested in the attic of his home.

Danny Charez: Neech's lawyer, smothered to death.

Vincent Parmelly: shot and killed by Neech's wife.

John Speranza: strongly implied that the warden beats him to death.

Warden Leo Brodeur: strangled by Neech or his spirit, dies of that or the subsequent car accident.

Humans: 12
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (54/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 539
Creatures: 33
Aliens: 45

Grand Total: 617

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