Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Season 2, Episode 22: F. Emasculata


A scientist with a biodiversity project in Costa Rica is infected with a disease he finds in a dead warthog; a Virginia prison is also infected after someone sends one of the warthog's legs to an inmate. Two convicted murderers, Steve and Paul, escape the prison, raising concerns that they will further spread the disease. Steve starts to show signs of infection as he and Paul travel to Paul's girlfriend's house. Steve dies soon after, and Paul manages to evade a police raid.

Scully finds that the package was sent by Pinck Pharmaceuticals, a huge drug manufacturer, and that there is an insect in a boil on one of the bodies. Dr. Osbourne, the prison physician, reveals that he works for Pinck and that the F. emasculata parasitic insect helps spread the disease through erupting pustules. Mulder finds that Paul, who has since become infected, will be taking a bus to Toronto.

Scully begins looking for a treatment with Osbourne, but Osbourne dies and the situation at the prison is controlled when the bodies are destroyed. Scully tells Mulder that Paul is the last proof of a conspiracy; Mulder tries to get Paul to tell him what was on the bus, but Paul is killed by federal agents. Mulder says Pinck was using the prisoners as test subjects to cirumvent FDA trials, but ultimately has no proof; the infection is blamed on postal error, as the package was sent to a prisoner with the same name as the scientist.

Dean Norris, who played U.S. Marshal Tapia, currently plays Hank on Breaking Bad.

Episode Body Count

Warthog: Dr. Robert Torrence finds the animal covered with boils and insects.

Dr. Robert Torrence: dies after exposure to the disease in the warthog.

10 prisoners: Dr. Osbourne says 10 of the 14 prisoners infected have died.

RV driver: murdered by Steve and Paul when he and his family stop at a rest area.

Steve: dies of infection from the disease.

Dr. Osbourne: dies of infection from the disease.

Paul: shot and killed by federal agents.

Humans: 15
Creatures: 1
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (46/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 403
Creatures: 29
Aliens: 23

Grand Total: 455

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