Thursday, July 23, 2009

Season 3, Episode 16: Apocrypha


The episode opens in 1953, where a survivor of the Zeus Faber tells Bill Mulder, Cancer Man, and other government agents about how the black oil that was infecting the captain ended up oozing out and presumably infecting the other men, leading to the radiation burns. He hopes the government can help get the truth out about the incident.

In the present, Scully stays with Skinner as he recovers from the gunshot wound. Mulder and Krycek return to the States, and are run off the road in Maryland by two men also seeking the tape; Krycek blasts them with radiation soon after. Scully tells Mulder that the man who shot Skinner is the same person as the man who killed Melissa. She pushes for the FBI to capture Krycek, as she believes he's the key to solving both the radiation deaths on the Piper Maru and her sister's death.

Mulder tells Scully that a film of oil, altered by exposure to radiation, was found on the dive suit, Gauthier, and Gauthier's wife when she was found in Hong Kong. He believes it to be an alien medium of body jumping. The Lone Gunmen retrieve a package from a skating rink using a key Krycek gave Mulder, but find that the tape is gone, returned to Cancer Man by Krycek. Cancer Man's crew is again pissed at his inept assassins, since a sketch of Skinner's shooter has been released to the press and he risks exposing the organization if he is caught.

Mulder calls Cancer Man Inc. through a latent print of a phone number left on the envelope, and meets with the Well-Manicured Man. He tells Mulder that the UFO in Newport News is a foo fighter shot down during World War II, and hints that the agents should keep a closer eye on Skinner. Luis Cardinal, who has been identified as Skinner and Melissa's shooter, tries to kill Skinner during an ambulance transport but is caught by Scully and subsequently arrested.

Cardinal tells Scully that Krycek is going to an abandoned missile silo in North Dakota. Mulder believes the UFO has been moved there. They are apprehended by soldiers soon after, and Cancer Man also shows up to tell them that nothing is there. Well, except for Krycek vomiting out the black oil into a UFO secreted in a missile silo. Mulder tells Scully that Cardinal was found dead in his cell. Back in North Dakota, Krycek has been abandoned in the silo and is screaming for help.

Episode Body Count

Two sedan thugs: are hit by the black oil radiation; a doctor says they won't survive, and Cancer Man tells him to make sure of it.

At least 11 Piper Maru deaths: Scully refers to the "radiation deaths" aboard the boat, and there are also references to how difficult it is to survive the irradiation, so I'll assume they didn't make it.

Three soldiers: apparently radio-blasted by Krycek and found dead in the North Dakota silo.

Luis Cardinal: found dead in his cell, framed as a suicide.

Alex Krycek: he's locked underground with no food and water...there's no possible way he's getting out of that one, right? Right?

Humans: 18
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (65/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 834
Creatures: 46
Aliens: 47

Grand Total: 927

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