Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Season 3, Episode 15: Piper Maru


A French salvage ship, the Piper Maru, puts a diver named Gauthier down in the Pacific to check out a sunken P-51 fighter. After seeing a man in the cockpit with a black oily film in his eyes, Gauthier is returned to the ship, apparently safe but with the same black oil condition. The ship returns to port with the crew suffering severe radiation burns, except for Gauthier; there are also no signs of radiation on the ship. Mulder realizes that the French have been snooping around in the same place where the craft that Mulder saw in Newport News was found (it was previously explained as a piece of a Russian submarine hull).

Gauthier returns home, not really himself, and ends up transferring the black oil to his wife after trying to find something in his house. Mulder finds Gauthier, who is better but evasive on a letter from a salvage brokers company. Scully, who is angered and saddened by the FBI's decision to call off the investigation into her sister's murder, goes to see Commander Johansen, a friend of her father's. Johansen denies knowing about the plane or the phrase "Zeus Faber" written on a map; however, he soon tells her that he was sent to find the plane on a submarine bearing the same name, and that the fighter was an escort for a bomber carrying an atomic bomb that was shot down. In a flashback, Johansen reveals that the ship's captain was possessed by the black oil and most of the men on board died.

At the salvage company, Mulder is told that the owner is out of the country. The place is raided by French agents soon after, and Mulder follows an employee named Geraldine to the airport and thence to Hong Kong; Gauthier's wife tags along. In Hong Kong, Mulder finds Geraldine and accuses her of selling state secrets (ie, the location of the plane). Not long after, they run into Krycek and Geraldine is shot by French agents; Gauthier's wife irradiates the agents soon after. In Washington, D.C., Skinner is shot and wounded by a thug in a restaurant. In Hong Kong, Mulder catches Krycek in the airport and demands the digital tape with the UFO files. Krycek says it's back in Washington, and Mulder allows him a bathroom break. There, he is attacked and black-oiled by Gauthier's wife. To be continued...

Michael Buble, uncredited as a submarine sailor in this and the next episode, is a well-known Canadian jazz musician.

Episode Body Count

Commander Johansen's son: Johansen says he dies in a training accident during the Gulf War.

137 sailors: Johansen says only seven of the Zeus Faber's 144 crewmen survive the attempt to recover the atomic bomb.

Geraldine: shot dead by French agents.

Humans: 139
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Yeah, that's a double deadliest...

Cumulative Body Count (64/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 816
Creatures: 46
Aliens: 47

Grand Total: 909

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