Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Season 2, Episode 21: The Calusari


A young boy, Teddy Holvey, is killed at a Virginia amusement park as his brother, Charlie, watches unemotionally; Mulder suspects poltergeist activity after a ghostlike image shows up in a photo taken shortly before the incident. Scully observes Charlie, having a symbol drawn on his hand by his grandmother, Golda; Scully also find that both boys have had a significant medical history since Golda moved in. The boys' father, Steve, says Golda initially forbade his marriage, believing him to be a devil.

Scully thinks the case is one of "Munchausen by Proxy," where a guardian brings harm to a child by inducing illness and often views the child as evil. Steve is killed by an apparent garage door malfunction, and Golda is killed after locking herself into a room with Charlie and attempting to kill him. Charlie blames the incidents on Michael, his stillborn twin brother, and his mother notes how she failed to perform a ritual of separation as Golda wanted.

After Charlie is hospitalized, Michael knocks out a nurse and goes home in his stead. The Calusari, who have been conducting rituals with Golda and are responsible for keeping an observance of sacred rites, perform the rite of separation on Charlie and Michael is vanquished as he tries to kill Scully. One of the Calusari warns Mulder that Michael's spirit can now recognize him.

Kay E. Kuter, who plays one of the Calusari and died in 2003, played Newt Kiley in the 1960s sitcoms Petticoat Junction and Green Acres.

Episode Body Count

Teddy Holvey: a two-year-old child who is struck and killed by an amusement park train after following a balloon onto the tracks.

Steve Holvey: strangled when his tie is caught in the garage door mechanism.

At least two roosters: used by Golda for her rituals.

Golda: though officially dies of a heart attack, she is actually torn up by two roosters that Michael sics on her.

Michael: Charlie's twin, was stillborn.

Humans: 4
Creatures: 2
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (45/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 388
Creatures: 28
Aliens: 23

Grand Total: 439

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