Thursday, July 30, 2009

Season 3, Episode 22: Quagmire


A U.S. Forestry Service scientist is dragged into a lake in Georgia. Mulder hops on the case, thanks in part to the legend of a plesiosaur called Big Blue living in the lake, and Scully has to bring Queequeg along. A biologist named Dr. Farraday isn't too choked up, saying the scientist was flippant toward nature and a dieoff in the frog population. A fisherman manages to come up with the remains of a Boy Scout leader who also went missing. A bait shop proprietor is killed by a creature while stomping some fake monster tracks into the mud, and a snorkeler (another ill-fated friend of the stoners from "War of the Coprophages" on a road trip) is also torn apart. A guy who has been trying to capture a picture of Big Blue goes missing after being attacked.

Mulder wants the lake to be shut down after the three deaths in one day, but the local sheriff and Scully think the deaths can be explained by boating accidents or other incidents. The sheriff changes his tune after getting pulled into the lake and something brushes against his leg. Scully is unpleasantly surprised when something eats Queequeg while she takes him for a walk. Mulder notes how the monster sightings originated in the middle of the lake and have progressed toward the shore. He and Scully take a boat out at night to investigate, but are marooned on a rock when something big on the fish radar rams the boat and sinks it.

Scully's a little pissed about the whole incident, and Mulder tries to explain his stake in the case as an interest in an evolutionary marvel. The two discuss cannibalism and Moby Dick until Dr. Farraday arrives and lets them know they're within wading distance of the shore. Mulder wonders if the decrease in frogs in a specific cove is causing the beast to attack humans as another source of food.

The sheriff has assembled a full team to hunt down the lake monster, and wants to focus on the area of a recent attack while Mulder wants to search the cove where frogs have been dying off. Scully comes to his aid by requesting a few men be diverted from the main effort. Farraday is attacked but survives, and Mulder goes off in search of the creature. He ends up shooting and killing an alligator. Mulder is somewhat disappointed that it wasn't Big Blue after all, but Scully tells him that people want to believe and that's the reason legends endure. As they leave, Big Blue briefly surfaces on the lake.

Episode Body Count

Dr. Bailey: dragged into the lake by some sort of creature.

Scott Woostley: a Boy Scout leader who also went missing; half of him is later found.

Cow: Ted says Ansel Bray's father's cow was eaten by Big Blue.

Ted Bertram: killed by a creature while making some fake monster tracks.

Snorkle Dude: torn apart while diving in the lake.

Ansel Bray: dragged into the lake while trying to capture a photo of Big Blue.

Queequeg: he was abducted! By a crocodile, or something...

Fisherman: the sheriff says there has been another death, and a man's arm has been bitten off.

Alligator: shot and killed by Mulder.

Humans: 6
Creatures: 3
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (71/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 882
Creatures: 57
Aliens: 47

Grand Total: 986

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