Sunday, July 26, 2009

Season 3, Episode 18: Teso Dos Bichos


An archaeological dig in Ecuador unearths the body of a female shaman; over the objections of the locals, the head of the expedition orders the body transported to the United States. He is attacked and killed by some sort of animal that evening and disappears. Three weeks later, a man goes missing and is presumed dead at the Boston museum where the body has ended up. Dr. Lewton, a man who helped organize the dig as a controversial way of retrieving artifacts before an oil pipeline is built thinks it might be a political killing. Mulder notes the legend about a jaguar spirit devouring anyone who disturbs a female shaman's corpse.

Mulder and Scully question Dr. Alonso Bilac, who parted company with the organizer killed in Ecuador over the issue, and Scully considers him the prime suspect. Bilac continues to have contact with a student at the museum named Mona Wustner, and Lewton is killed outside the museum. A couple of dead rats are found in his car engine, and the agents also find his small intestine with rat bites on it. Wustner gets freaked out by Bilac's behavior and reports it to the agents, shortly before seeing swarms of rats exit the bathroom's toilets and going missing/dead.

Scully finds Bilac's journal entries and thinks he was just tripping, though they do mention a jaguar. Mulder finds Bilac in the bathroom, but he denies killing Mona or knowing where her body is. After finding dead rats in a toilet, Mulder wonders if the critters were trying to escape something. Bilac goes missing, apparently dragged into an old steam tunnel. In the tunnel, the agents find the bodies and a lot of angry cats, but manage to escape. The museum is closed, the bones are returned to Ecuador and buried, and Mulder concludes with the moral that there are some powers that should not be disturbed.

Frank Welker, credited here for special vocal effects, has done a ton of voice work including Nibbler on Futurama, animals on The Simpsons, and most recently some of the robots in the Transformers movies.

Episode Body Count

Female shaman: found by the dig crew.

Dr. Carl Roosevelt: mauled to death by a jaguar spirit or some such thing.

Craig Horning: a staffer whose blood is found in the Boston Museum of Natural History.

Dr. Lewton: killed outside the museum, perhaps by pissed off cats.

Two rats: Scully says at least two rat carcasses are found in the engine of Lewton's car.

Mona Wustner: reported dead by Bilac after she sees the toilets overflowing with rats.

At least three dead rats: found floating in a museum toilet.

Sugar (plus a dead cat and rat): Wustner's dog, found dead after eating a piece of cat intestine that had a poisoned rat in it.

Dr. Alonso Bilac: apparently killed after being attacked by the cats.

Humans: 6
Creatures: 8
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (67/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 858
Creatures: 54
Aliens: 47

Grand Total: 959

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