Thursday, July 9, 2009

Season 2, Episode 25: Anasazi


A Navajo boy finds a buried metallic object and an alien corpse in the New Mexico desert. The Thinker, a member of The Lone Gunmen, manages to hack into the "MJ documents" in a defense department network. Cancer Man and his friends are not pleased. The Thinker gives Mulder what he got: Defense Department files on UFO intelligence, written in Navajo.

Meanwhile, some odd violent incidents have been happening, including Mulder's neighbor shooting her husband and Mulder scuffling with Skinner in the hallway. Cancer Man visits Mulder's father, who is a little worried about the UFO files since his name shows up in them. Scully is nearly killed when someone shoots through Mulder's window (on which he has put the signal to meet with Mr. X). Mulder's father, who used to work in the state department, seems about to let Mulder in on a few secrets, but is shot and killed by Alex Krycek.

Scully warns that given Mulder's recent behavior, he might be suspected in the death. Mulder begins to distrust Scully when she takes his gun to run a ballistics test. Mulder captures Krycek, but he escapes when Scully shoots Mulder as a way of making sure his name can be cleared. Scully also finds that the water in Mulder's apartment building has been drugged, leading to the violent incidents. The two travel to New Mexico to meet with a Navajo code talker. Scully reveals that her name is in the UFO files, near Duane Barry's, in reference to a test.

Mulder is taken to the buried object, and receives a call from Cancer Man, who says Mulder's father authorized the project and that if Mulder exposes it he'll only be exposing his dad. The object turns out to be a buried boxcar full of alien bodies. He's still there when Cancer Man arrives by helicopter with some soldiers, who can't find Mulder inside. The boxcar is torched on Cancer Man's order. To be continued...

Chris Carter, creator/director/producer/writer/guru of The X-Files and the associated series Millenium and The Lone Gunmen, appears in an uncredited role as an agent. Renae Morriseau, who I overlooked in her "Shapes" role and who plays Josephine Doane here, played Ellen Kenidi in North of 60.

Episode Body Count

Alien corpse: found by a Navajo boy named Eric Holsteen.

Bill Mulder: shot and killed by Alex Krycek in the bathroom of his home on Martha's Vineyard.

At least 20 alien bodies: Mulder describes them as "stacked floor to ceiling" in the boxcar. It's a pretty good-sized pile, so I'd say there's at least 20 there.

Humans: 1
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 21

Season Total

Humans: 323
Creatures: 19
Aliens: 35

A much worse season for humans and aliens, though creatures only increased by nine.

Cumulative Body Count (49/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 504
Creatures: 29
Aliens: 44

Grand Total: 577

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