Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Season 9, Episode 19: The Truth, Part 1


Hey, remember that Mulder guy? Turns out he's sneaking into a military base inside a Virginia mountain, the site where he thinks the shadow government is set up. He discovers that the alien colonization is set to begin on December 22, 2012 (presumably when everyone is hung over from celebrating the Mayan prophecy turning out to be false the previous day). After seeing a vision of Kyrcek, Mulder scuffles with Knowle Rohrer and dozens of people witness him tossing Rohrer to his apparent death on an electrical grid. Mulder is arrested by the military, and Skinner and Scully arrive after Kersh is somehow informed.

A Marine general tells Kersh that Mulder's trial can be held before FBI personnel in a Marine court, but also hints that a guilty verdict should be the only outcome and that there are government forces in place that shouldn't be fooled with. Mulder asks Skinner to represent him, and Mulder and Scully have a tearful reunion where he says he's been looking for the truth in Mexico. Kersh leads a judicial panel at Mulder's trial; the prosecution considers it an open-and-shut case and calls no witnesses. Skinner decides to try to prove the government conspiracy as a way of justifying Mulder's action, even though his star witness (Marita) is unavailable.

Skinner calls Scully to the stand, where she says she believes that the alien black oil virus came to Earth via meteor in prehistoric times and lay dormant for thousands of years. She says the government learned of the virus and colonization efforts through the UFO crash in Roswell in 1947, keeping it secret to avoid panic. She also testifies about her own abduction by the government as part of an attempt to make a slave race of alien-human hybrids. The prosecutor simply lets the panel know about Mulder and Scully's romantic relationship and their love-child.

Next witness: Spender. He describes the government conspiracy, saying the human collaborators were forced to give up loved ones as part of their deal with the aliens, including Samantha. He says he grew up with Samantha, but she was subjected to horrible tests before her death; that his father (Cancer Man) had Mulder's father killed when Mulder started to get close to the truth; and that Cancer Man shot him when he confronted him about the conspiracy and performed the same tests when he didn't die. The prosecutor points out how Spender and Mulder didn't exactly get along before he found out about the conspiracy.

Gibson Praise senses that Mulder needs his help, and sends a friend to let Doggett and Reyes know that he wants to testify. Mulder gets another vision, this time from Mr. X, who somehow conveys Marita's address to him. Marita shows up at the trial, saying that the Syndicate was trying to develop a vaccine for the alien virus using innocent test subjects. She says she became a test subject herself as punishment after coming to hate the Syndicate and helping Mulder. The vaccine was simply a way to save themselves, she claims, but the group was wiped out by a group of alien rebels. Skinner suggests that the conspiracy continues and that's why she was reluctant to testify about how Mulder was taking on a super-soldier involved in the new plan. After Vision Krycek tells Mulder that the conspirators will kill Marita if Skinner persists, he asks that she be dismissed, despite Skinner's protest that she's the last best witness they have. To be continued...

William Devane, who plays General Mark Suveg, also played Janeway in Marathon Man, JFK in the TV movie The Missiles of October, and Gregory Sumner on Knot's Landing.

Episode Body Count

Knowle Rohrer can handle a little electrocution.

Humans: 0
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (201/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 2,296
Creatures: 131
Aliens: 64

Grand Total: 2,491

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