Monday, December 21, 2009

Season 9, Episode 12: Underneath


In 1989 in Brooklyn, a cable man named Bob Fassl reluctantly goes into a house on orders from a bearded man in his van. Though he doesn't seem to kill the family inside, they somehow wind up dead in front of him and it doesn't look good when an NYPD force led by Doggett arrives on scene and finds him there. Thirteen years later, Doggett is enraged that Fassl is going to be released following exoneration by DNA evidence, since he considers that Fassl can't possibly be innocent. Fassl sees a vision of the bearded man as soon as he is freed, and not long after sees a message in blood urging him to kill his lawyer after she lets him stay at her home. After seeing the bearded man again, Fassl begs him not to kill the attorney; he responds by slapping Fassl and sauntering off with an icepick.

Scully finds that even if the DNA evidence found at the old crime scenes didn't belong to Fassl, it was similar enough that it would have had to have come from a blood relative of his, even though Fassl is supposedly an only child. Reyes visits the prison warden, and he shares an image of the bearded man captured by a security camera shortly after Fassl's cellmate was murdered. At his attorney's home, Fassl is forced to clean up after the murders of a housekeeper and an assistant district attorney, both at the hands of the bearded man. Doggett discovers that another officer on the case planted phony evidence to help convict Fassl.

Noting Fassl's devout Catholicism, Reyes proposes that he may be able to manifest a second personality to commit the crimes due to an incapability to admit that he has a sinful side. Staking out the attorney's house, Doggett and Reyes see the bearded man flee and they pursue him into a cable access tunnel, where Reyes finds a cache of corpses. The bearded man holds Doggett hostage, and Reyes addresses him with Fassl's name. She ends up shooting him, and Doggett turns him over to reveal Fassl.

Arthur J. Nascarella, who played Carlo Gervasi on The Sopranos, plays Duke Tomasick here. W. Earl Brown, who plays Bob Fassl, also played Don Dority on Deadwood. Lisa Darr, who plays Attorney Jana Fain, also played Jane McPherson on Popular.

Episode Body Count

Seven people: Doggett believes Fassl is responsible for the deaths of three members of a family, and apparently four other people as well.

Mrs. Dowdy: killed by Fassl in bearded man form.

Spud Jennings: the warden at Sing Sing Correctional Facility says Fassl's cellmate was killed, and a surveillance camera catches an image of the bearded man.

Assistant District Attorney Damon Kailer: also stabbed to death by Fassl in bearded man form.

At least four bodies: found in the cable access tunnel by Reyes.

Bob Fassl: shot by Reyes.

Humans: 15
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (194/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 2,195
Creatures: 130
Aliens: 64

Grand Total: 2,389

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