Monday, December 28, 2009

Season 9, Episode 18: Sunshine Days


A pizza deliveryman in California swears to his friend that the house where he made his last delivery is the same place where The Brady Bunch was shot. They enter, though the friend is creeped out to find the interior setup matches the show exactly. After following some Bobby and Cindy lookalikes into a room, the deliveryman is somehow launched onto the roof of his friend's car. The friend wants homeowner Oliver Martin arrested and tells Doggett and Reyes about the Brady setup. Martin is reluctant to let the agents into the house, but when the friend barges in the interior is completely different. However, Doggett sees that the roof has been recently patched, with matching tiles found in the car and the house's Dumpster.

Scully's autopsy seems to support Doggett's theory that the deliveryman was ejected through the roof, and she also notes a residual electricity in the corpse. The friend stakes out the house again and sees the Brady Bunch inside, but they are gone when he enters again. Martin urges him to leave, but the friend ends up getting lifted through the roof to his death as well. A doctor tells the agents that Martin, who had a different name back then, displayed telekinetic abilities for a time as a child, and Reyes discovers that his alias is a reference to the Brady Bunch character "Cousin Oliver." Visiting the house with the doctor, Doggett is tossed through the ceiling, but ends up walking on the underside of the roof rather than being fully tossed out.

With some help from the doctor, Martin is able to control his ability and brings Doggett back to earth. Reyes and Scully also appear in the now Brady-themed house, and he says he has the ability to create settings by thinking about them. Oliver agrees to go to DC with the agents; Scully thinks he can do a lot of good with his power, while Doggett cautions that he could do a lot of harm as well. Shortly after demonstrating his telekinetic power on Skinner, Martin has a seizure and is hospitalized. Scully realizes that his health is declining as a result of the use of his power. Doggett posits that Martin's power goes away when he's happy, which was why he lost it after the enjoyable sessions with the doctor, and that happiness (like that he feels with the Bradys) is the only way he'll survive. The doctor visits Martin, forbidding him from using his power but promising to stay with him as a companion.

Michael Emerson, due to wrap up his role as Benjamin Linus in the final season of Lost, plays Oliver Martin here. David Faustino, who plays Michael Daley, formerly played Bud Bundy on Married with Children. John Aylward, who plays Dr. John Rietz, also played Dr. Donald Anspaugh on ER.

Episode Body Count

Blake McCormick: dies after he is blasted through the roof of Martin's home and lands on the roof of Michael Daley's car.

Michael Daley: somehow lifted through the roof of Martin's house, he falls to his death on the lawn.

Humans: 2
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (200/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 2,296
Creatures: 131
Aliens: 64

Grand Total: 2,491

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