Saturday, December 12, 2009

Season 8, Episode 20: Essence


Mulder's opening soliloquy ponders whether the miracle of life has been cheapened by scientific advances like cloning. At Scully's baby shower, a baby nurse named Lizzy Gill secretly replaces one of Scully's medications with different pills. Billy Miles, confirming that the work at Zeus Genetics has been "fruitful" by observing an alien baby, kills a doctor with a mighty punch and burns the place down. Mulder discovers that Scully's former obstetrician, Dr. James Parenti, was the co-founder of the company. He and Doggett find a fetus display at Parenti's office similar to the one at Zeus Genetics.

Gill turns out to be in league with Duffy Haskell, the Zeus Genetics wag. Miles kills Parenti in his office. Investigating the location again, Miles easily beats up Mulder and takes a few bullets from Doggett without any ill effect. He bleeds red blood and also shows the neck ridges that were seen on Knowle Rohrer. Gill worries that the agents are sniffing her out, and Haskell reassures her via phone...right before Miles decapitates him with a backhand. The FBI finds the body in an illegal human cloning facility and determines that Haskell was working with the two murdered doctors. Skinner, worrying that someone is tampering with Scully's baby, has Mulder contact Scully; she catches Gill tampering with her pills.

At the hospital, it is found that the replacement pills were harmless vitamin supplements. Gill confesses that the government has been experimenting with alien babies born to human mothers, trying to get stem cells for other experiments she knows nothing about. She also says Scully is carrying "the perfect human child with no human frailties," and that the doctors were trying to protect her. Mulder gets Scully out of her apartment just before Miles arrives there; after their blocked in car fails to facilitate a speedy escape, Krycek unexpectedly shows up to save them.

At the FBI building, Krycek tells the agents that Miles and others like him are super-strong modified human replacements designed to knock out resistance to the alien colonization. He also says they're afraid that Scully's baby could be greater than they are. Reyes arrives to take Scully to safety, but Miles is right on her heels. Krycek helps get Scully to Reyes' car and they take off. Miles ends up pursuing Skinner to the top of the building. With the help of Mulder and an FBI agent named Gene Crane, Miles is shoved into a garbage truck and compacted. Crane, however, shows a rather suspicious neck bump. To be continued...

Episode Body Count

Dr. Lev: killed by an exceptionally strong punch by Billy Miles.

Alien baby: presumably killed when Miles torches Zeus Genetics.

At least 48 fetuses: found in a display at Dr. Parenti's office which is identical to one at Zeus Genetics. Parenti says they're children with non-survivable birth defects, while Mulder suspects they're used for alien hybrid experiments.

Dr. James Parenti: killed by Billy Miles; Doggett finds his head in a jar at his office.

Duffy Haskell: decapitated by a Billy Miles backhand in his illegal cloning facility.

Billy Miles: ground up in a garbage truck after he is pushed from the top of the FBI building.

Humans: 52
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 1

Cumulative Body Count (181/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 2,103
Creatures: 129
Aliens: 64

Grand Total: 2,296


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