Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Season 9, Episode 3: Dæmonicus


A kindly West Virginia couple is confronted in their home by a couple of men with demonic faces; they are discovered dead at their Scrabble board with Daemonicus, the Latin word for Satan, spelled out in the tiles. A couple of non-venomous snakes are also found sewn into the bodies, and Reyes gets a profound sense of evil at the place. The agents find signs that two men were involved in the murders, and a nearby mental institution lets the FBI know that a committed doctor named Kenneth Richmond and a guard named Paul Gerlach have gone missing. We see that the two men are wearing demonic masks; Gerlach lets Richmond shoot him in the middle of the woods.

The agents find Gerlach's body with some help from another mental patient named Josef Kobald. Doggett is a little skeptical of Kobald's supposed connection to the men and thinks he may have even planned the killings, especially since he committed several murders himself while a professor, but Reyes is less skeptical. After Kobald reveals a few details of Doggett's life, he goes into a seizure and says the Latin word for doctor. The police arrive at Richmond's physician's house just as Richmond leaves and find her dead. Doggett discovers that Kobald was an expert on satanic history and continues to suspect him of setting up the murders; Kobald suggests that Doggett may have the hots for Reyes or Scully, then vomits all over the place.

Kobald tells a guard they can find Richmond at a place called Happy Landing and Scully recognizes it as a marina she passed on her way back to DC. She gets there first and is immediately attacked by Richmond, who holds her at gunpoint. The full complement of the fuzz and Kobald arrive, at which point Richmond kills himself. Doggett realizes it's all an elaborate escape plan and shoots Kobald as he tries to run off. It is found that Kobald was manipulating the agents after finding out about them via the Internet. Doggett also discovers that the victims were chosen because their names could spell out Daemonicus, and that the man shot was actually a guard assigned to Kobald.

James Remar, currently playing Harry Morgan on Dexter, plays Josef Kobald here. Lou Richards, who plays Officer Custer, voiced Leader-One on the 1980s show Challenge of the Go-Bots and played Deputy Dennis Putnam on another 1980s show, She's the Sheriff.

Episode Body Count

Evelyn Mountjoy: shot by her husband, who mistakes her for a home invader.

Darren Mountjoy: shot by Richmond and/or Gerlach.

Happy: the Mountjoy's dog; Doggett says he was found outside with a broken neck.

Three patients: a doctor at the Chessman State Mental Hospital says Richmond killed three patients by sewing strychnine tablets into their stomach lining.

Paul Gerlach: shot by Richmond.

Six co-eds: Doggett says Kobald has been institutionalized after grinding up several students and using their remains for fertilizer in his garden.

Dr. Monique Sampson: dies after she is stuck with 11 syringes containing the anti-psychotic medication droperidol.

Dr. Kenneth Richmond: commits suicide at the Happy Landing marina.

Officer Custer: mistaken by Doggett for Kobald and shot as he tries to escape.

Humans: 15
Creatures: 1
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (185/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 2,122
Creatures: 130
Aliens: 64

Grand Total: 2,316

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