Monday, August 10, 2009

Season 4, Episode 7: Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man


From an abandoned warehouse, Cancer Man sets up a sniper rifle to keep an eye on the Lone Gunmen's place, which he has bugged. Frohike, a member of The Lone Gunmen, believes he has uncovered Cancer Man's background due to similarities to his character in a pulp novel and is spilling the beans to Mulder and Scully.

After losing both parents at a young age, Cancer Man joined the Center for Special Warfare at Fort Bragg, where he meets Mulder. He was approached by a group of mysterious men in 1962, who say nuclear war nearly occurred due to President Kennedy's failure to support the Bay of Pigs invasion with air support and the subsequent Cuban Missile Crisis. He is ordered to kill the President, and does so from a river overflow pipe; Lee Harvey Oswald has been set up as a patsy.

Later on, Cancer Man has some more influence in the organization and writes novels in his spare time under a nom de plume. Cancer Man was also part of a conspiracy to inhibit the power of Martin Luther King, Jr., who Cancer Man respects but feels will lead to a United States defeat in Vietnam if he can convince black men to refuse to go to war. Cancer Man also assassinates King, pinning the blame on another patsy, James Earl Ray. A publisher refuses his novel, saying it's "frankly, crap."

At a Christmas Eve session at the FBI in 1991, we see that Cancer Man and some friends apparently have links to Anita Hill, Rodney King, and Saddam Hussein, and also rigged the 1980 "Miracle" hockey game at the Olympics and continue to rig the Oscar nominations. Cancer Man also brushes off a suggestion that "that Spooky kid" who managed to get the X-Files reopened could be trouble. When they receive news that Gorbachev has resigned, it seems there are no more enemies.

That same day, however, Deep Throat tells Cancer Man that a UFO has been found in West Virginia. He orders Cancer Man to execute an alien captured with it as part of a government directive, and says that the organization has a new enemy. However, Cancer Man wins a coin toss and the kill goes to Deep Throat. In present day, Cancer Man gets a publishing offer for his novel and types up a letter of resignation, but is horrified to find that his ending has been changed and that the magazine isn't the most high-end publication. Frohike says he's planning on gathering some more evidence before going public with the story; Cancer Man watches him through the scope and declares that he can kill Frohike whenever he wants, but not at that point.

Episode Body Count

Leon Trotsky: Frohike mentions the assassination of Trotsky by ice pick in Mexico City in 1940.

Cancer Man's parents: Frohike says Cancer Man's father was a Communist activist executed in 1917 under the Espionage Act, and his mother died of lung cancer from smoking cigarettes.

Patrice Lamumba: Cancer Man denies aiding a coup in the Congo that led to the assassination of Prime Minister Lamumba in 1961.

Rafael Trujillo: Cancer Man also denies complicity in the assassination of the Dominican ruler in 1961.

John F. Kennedy: the President of the United States, assassinated by Cancer Man from a river overflow pipe along the parade route in Dallas, Texas in 1962.

J.D. Tippit: a Dallas police officer, shot and killed by Oswald in 1962 after Oswald thinks he's part of the group of people who set him up.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: shot and killed by Cancer Man from vegetation near the Lorraine Motel in 1968.

Certainly the most historical body count thus far. The alien killed by Deep Throat is presumably the same one counted in "E.B.E."

Humans: 8
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (80/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 984
Creatures: 59
Aliens: 48

Grand Total: 1,091

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