Friday, August 14, 2009

Season 4, Episode 9: Terma


In Florida, a woman is taken from a convalescent home and given a lethal injection by a family member, and the black oil exits her body. The title screen is "E Pur Si Muove" (and yet it moves). In Russia, Mulder's fellow prisoner tells him that hundreds have died in Tunguska in the recovery efforts related to the "Tunguska Rock," and Krycek has been taken away to be wined and dined by the torturers. Scully and Agent Pendrell find that the infected scientist has some sort of growth on his pineal gland.

A former KGB agent named Vassily Peskow is summoned to duty and travels to Virginia, where he kills a virologist who was supposed to receive the diplomatic package (and who was in favor of destroying the last remaining smallpox samples). Using a knife his prisoner gives him, Mulder escapes in a truck and takes Krycek with him. Krycek bails, and Mulder crashes the truck on a curve. Back in Virgina, Cancer Man meets with the Well-Manicured Man, and reveals that the virologist was the WMM's personal physician; Cancer Man also wants the Senate's investigation called off.

In Russia, Krycek is found by a group of men, all missing their left arms, who agree to help him. At the Senate hearing, Scully is held in contempt of Congress. Mulder is found by the truck driver's family, whose son is also missing his left arm, and the father seems intent on doing the amputation after seeing a scar from the black oil test on Mulder's arm. Krycek's cohorts disarm him.

Peskow kills the scientist, causing the oil to leave his body, and also apparently takes the meteorite. Cancer Man thinks the Russians have found out U.S. smallpox inoculation tag efforts. Mulder returns, with both arms, to Washington, and Scully tells him that the virologist was chief physician for several Florida convalescent homes. They arrive shortly after Peskow has killed a few test subject patients. An imprisoned skinhead who helped rescue Krycek says the "black cancer" was developed by the Soviets and used in the Gulf War, and that there was a second bomb kept in Terma, North Dakota.

The agents find a truck near an oil refinery. Scully searches the refinery, and Peskow lets her live after pulling a gun on her. The second bomb explodes, igniting a jet of oil. Before the Senate subcommittee, Scully says the signs point to a conspiracy to control a biotoxin of extraterrestrial origin. Krycek remains in Russia. The Senator heading the committee hands the file on the matter to Cancer Man, who reviews it briefly before tossing it in the trash.

Episode Body Count

Auntie Janet: mercy-killed by a family member and doctor, at which point some black oil leaves her body.

Dr. Bonita Sayre: murdered by Peskow and covered up to make it seem like a horse crushed her throat.

Dr. Sacks: given a lethal injection by Peskow.

At least two other patients: poisoned by Peskow in a Boca Raton, Florida convalescent home.

The prisoner with Mulder says hundreds of men have been killed in Tunguska, but of course no solid number is given.

Humans: 5
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (82/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 990
Creatures: 59
Aliens: 48

Grand Total: 1,097

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