Sunday, August 23, 2009

Season 4, Episode 14: Memento Mori


Scully is diagnosed with cancer after a tumor is found very close to her brain and probably inoperable. She decides to keep working, and make another visit to the group of abducted women in the Mutual UFO Network who all came down with cancer. They visit the home of the group's leader and find that she has died. When someone starts downloading files from the woman's computer via remote access, Mulder and Scully find a man named Kurt Crawford who says he was downloading the files for protection and that most of the MUFON group has died of identical brain tumors.

Mulder and Crawford find that some of the women were childless and being treated for infertility, and he goes to check it out. Someone, probably the Alien Bounty Hunter, murders Crawford, who turns out to be an alien-human hybrid. Scully visits with the sole survivor of the group and checks herself into the hospital, using Dr. Scanlon, the same doctor that is treating the other woman to begin treatment. At the clinic, Crawford shows up and he and Mulder hack into the system. They find a directory of women that includes Scully. Mulder asks Skinner to set up a meeting with Cancer Man so he can access a mainframe for the file, but Skinner refuses.

Mulder goes to The Lone Gunmen instead to hack the mainframe, but they only manage to get gene code information on Scully taken after her abduction, showing the likely the cause of her illness. Skinner runs into Cancer Man in Mulder's office, and Cancer Man toys with the idea of striking some sort of deal for Scully's life. Mulder and The Lone Gunmen infiltrate the research facility where the mainframe is; Mulder sees that Scanlon is on the staff at the facility and sends one of The Lone Gunman, John Byers, to warn her.

The Lone Gunmen lose contact with Mulder, who finds a room full of Crawford clones and a setup of clone tanks similar to ones previously encountered. The Crawfords say they aim to subvert the project that created them, and that they want the same thing Mulder does because they see the abducted women as their mothers. They also show Mulder how ova have been taken from the abducted women to help in the hybridization process in a procedure that left them irradiated and barren. Mulder leaves with a vial of Scully's eggs.

Mulder makes it to the hospital with Byers, and they find Scully talking with the last survivor, who passes away soon after. Mulder remains confident that they'll find a way to save Scully, and that they'll also catch Scanlon. He calls Skinner and says Skinner is right about there being a way to save Scully without going to Cancer Man. Skinner agrees, but as he hangs up we see that Cancer Man is in the room, willing to deal if Skinner pays the right price.

Episode Body Count

Betsy Higopian and nine other MUFON women: die of brain cancer within the space of a year.

Kurt Crawford clone: neck-stabbed, apparently by the Alien Bounty Hunter.

Penny Northern: dies of cancer.

Humans: 11
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 1

Cumulative Body Count (87/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 1,029
Creatures: 80
Aliens: 49

Grand Total: 1,158

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