Sunday, August 30, 2009

Season 4, Episode 22: Elegy


The owner of a DC bowling alley sees a bunch of blood show up on one lane, as well as a wounded woman who seems to be wordlessly trying to tell him something. He sees several cops arrive nearby, and goes out to see that the same girl is lying in the parking lot with her throat cut. When Mulder and Scully check it out, the blood and woman are gone but the pin setter shows signs that someone may have been sitting on it. Mulder notes that this is the third such murder and sighting, and finds that "She Is Me" has been written in the lane's wax.

Mulder feels that the sightings are of the victims' apparitions. It turns out that the police received a call saying that one victim's last words were "She Is Me," a suggestion dismissed due to the fact that the woman's throat was severed. The agents visit a psychiatric center, which includes an autistic man named Harold Spuller who volunteers at the bowling alley and has a tendency to recite random numbers. Scully notes that the victims' rings have been switched from one hand to another, and also considers Spuller a suspect.

As Scully treats a cancer-related nosebleed, she not only sees "She Is Me" written in blood on the mirror, but also a woman's apparition...right before Mulder tells her there's been another victim, the same one that she saw. Spuller leaves the center, and Scully admits the sighting to the FBI psychiatrist. Mulder starts looking for Spuller on suspicion of murder, and finds him repeating "She Is Me" in the back of the bowling alley. He returns to numbers, and Mulder finds that he is reciting different numbers for each of the murdered women. They find that Spuller is keeping the scorecards in a back area, and can remember thousands of scores specific to individuals, including the victims.

Spuller sees an apparition of the alley owner, who has just died of a heart attack. Mulder finds that the other people who reported seeing apparitions are all dying of natural causes, and wonders if Spuller is also affected. At the center, Spuller's nurse taunts him and implies that he was in love with the women but they never would have loved him. Spuller apparently injures her and runs off. Spuller's roommate tells Scully that Spuller said the nurse was poisoning him, and also shows her photos Spuller has of the girls...which the nurse also knows about.

Scully goes to question the nurse, and wounds her with a gunshot when the nurse tries to attack with a scalpel. She also finds that the nurse had been taking Spuller's pills, which could have led to violent side effects. Mulder says Spuller has been found dead of respiratory failure. Scully reveals seeing the apparition to Mulder, something disturbing to both of them due to Mulder's theory about the apparition sightings. Scully sees an apparition of Spuller in the backseat of her car as the episode ends.

Episode Body Count

Penny Timmons, Missy Shapiro, and Michelle Chamberlain: murdered via slit throats within a six-block radius.

Lauren Heller: killed on her way home from a part-time job.

Angelo Pintero: dies of a heart attack at his bowling alley.

Harold Spuller: found dead in an alley of respiratory failure.

Humans: 6
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (95/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 1,196
Creatures: 80
Aliens: 55

Grand Total: 1,331

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