Monday, August 31, 2009

Season 4, Episode 23: Demons


Mulder has a dream where Samantha wakes him up, frightened because their parents are having a heated argument. He wakes up in an unfamiliar motel room in Rhode Island, covered in blood that isn't his. Scully comes up to help him out, and they find a variety of strange things, including the fact that two rounds have been fired from Mulder's gun and that Mulder arrived in a car not registered to him. Elsewhere, a man begins bleeding from his head as he cuts himself out of dozens of photographs.

Heading to the car owner's house, Mulder recognizes a house the car owner's wife has repeatedly painted. Heading there, Mulder is hit by a vision of his childhood and a visit from Cancer Man. In the house, which appears to have been abandoned for some time, the agents find the couple (David and Amy Cassandra) dead of gunshot wounds. Mulder worries about his possible involvement. Scully is intrigued by a puncture wound on Amy's forehead, while the cops arrest Mulder after ballistics evidence seems to match his gun to the crime and the blood on his shirt matches the two victims.

Scully finds that both Amy and Mulder were injected with ketamine, which could explain the blackouts. The man who was cutting up photos turns out to be a corrections officer, who kills himself in a cell. Scully believes he was linked to Amy after realizing that both believed in extraterrestrials (Amy believing she was an abductee) and have a forehead puncture. Mulder continues to suffer from visions.

Scully tells Mulder that contradictory evidence has been uncovered to suggest that Amy pulled off a murder-suicide, and that Mulder was probably investigating her link to aliens. She also wonders if everyone is suffering from Waxman-Geschwind syndrome, which can lead to trance-like states. Mulder is released, and the agents check out a psychiatrist who was using "aggressive" therapy (brain injections) to uncover repressed memories in Amy and the officer. Mulder figures he got it too, and wants to run with it to uncover the truth about his sister's abduction. Mulder confronts his mother, accusing her of having a relationship with Cancer Man and questioning who his father is.

Mulder returns to the psychiatrist for another round of therapy. The police arrive to arrest the psychiatrist, but Mulder has disappeared. Scully realizes Mulder has gone to the family's summer home after the shrink says he's gone to "exorcise his demons." She manages to talk him out of his trance. Mulder is cleared of any wrongdoing and doesn't suffer any medical damage, but Scully wonders what the price of his continued pursuit of Samantha will be.

Episode Body Count

David and Amy Cassandra: shot and killed in Amy's old house.

Michael Fazekas: commits suicide at the jail where Mulder is being held.

Humans: 3
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (96/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 1,199
Creatures: 80
Aliens: 55

Grand Total: 1,334

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