Friday, June 5, 2009

Season 1, Episode 17: E.B.E.


An Iraqi pilot shoots down a UFO, and the craft crashes within observing distance of a base in Turkey. A trucker in Tennessee sees a UFO, experiences a shutdown in his electrical systems, and fires upon some rustling in a bush. Mulder and Scully briefly question them before the police chief tells them there will be no further cooperation. Scully notes that the trucker has symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome, despite the fact that he didn't serve in the Gulf. The trucker says that he hasn't been himself since the night he observed the saucer.

The agents discover that they are being bugged, and that the trucker was hauling more than he said he was. Mulder considers that he may have been transporting wreckage from the UFO crash. After tracking the truck, Mulder and Scully are witness to a strange flash of light that leaves the truck abandoned with a life-support unit, but determine that it was a hoax. With help from a government watchdog group called The Lone Gunmen, the agents sneak into a government facility. Here, Deep Throat finds Mulder and reveals that there was an international agreement to exterminate any extraterrestrial creature that came to Earth, and that his role in killing in alien is part of the reason he feeds information to Mulder.

First appearance of The Lone Gunmen. Roger R. Cross, who has an uncredited role as Officer Green, played Curtis Manning in several episodes of 24.

Episode Body Count

Three aliens: Deep Throat says he is one of three men who has killed an extraterrestrial entity.

Humans: 0
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 3

Cumulative Body Count (17/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 99
Creatures: 7
Aliens: 7

Grand Total: 113

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