Sunday, June 14, 2009

Season 2, Episode 2: The Host


Something pulls a Russian sailor into the septic tank of his ship, and his body shows up in a sewer in Newark, New Jersey. Skinner sends Mulder to investigate the body, and Mulder considers it a simple drug murder body dump and opportunity for Skinner to humiliate him by sending him wading through sewage. However, Scully discovers a flukeworm in the body while doing the autopsy, and a sanitation worker is attacked and bitten by something in the Newark sewer.

A man (Mr. X) calls Mulder anonymously and tells him he has a friend at the FBI, and an anonymous tipster also drops off a tabloid with an article about the freighter incident that helps Scully identify the body. The Flukeman, a human-sized hermaphroditic creature with flukeworm characteristics, is captured at a treatment plant. Skinner tells Mulder that the sanitation worker died (after we see him cough up a flukeworm), and admits that the case should have been an X-File but "we all take our orders from someone."

The Flukeman escapes while being transported to a new institution, and Mulder heads back to the treatment plant on the belief that the Flukeman has been transported there. Mr. X tells Mulder that he must succeed in the case as a way of reinstating the X-Files. Scully says the Flukeman is looking for hosts to transfer eggs into. As it tries to escape, Mulder stops the Flukeman by cutting it in half with a sewer gate. Scully reveals that the freighter was used for disposal of radioactive waste for Chernobyl, and evidently was created from that medium. Back in the sewer, a new Flukeman (likely from the workman's incubation) surfaces.

Matthew Bennett, who plays "Workman #1" (the one who gets attacked in the sewer), also played the Cylon Aaron Doral in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. Darin Morgan, who plays the Flukeman, has dabbled in writing and acting and is currently a consulting producer on Fringe.

Episode Body Count

Dmitri: pulled into the septic tank on a freighter by the Flukeman, and his body is found in the New Jersey sewer.

Sanitation worker (Craig): survives an initial attack by the Flukeman, but later dies after coughing up a flukeworm.

Federal Marshal: killed after the Flukeman escapes his restraints on an ambulance.

Flukeman: cut in half by a sewer gate.

Humans: 3
Creatures: 1
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (26/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 185
Creatures: 11
Aliens: 9

Grand Total: 205

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