Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Season 2, Episode 16: Colony


A voice-over by Mulder says that what happened to him "out on the ice" has justified his beliefs. Meanwhile, he is being treated for hypothermia when Scully bursts in and tells the doctors that the cold is what is keeping Mulder alive. Mulder goes into flatline.

Two weeks before, the crew of an Arctic vessel rescues a man after a UFO plunges into the sea. This fellow, the "Alien Bounty Hunter," disappears from an Alaska hospital and begins murdering East Coast abortion doctors with identical appearances; doctors who have the same green blood we've seen before.

A CIA agent named Ambrose Chapel tells Mulder and Scully that he believes the doctors are clones introduced by the Soviet government to wreak havoc during the Cold War, and that they a Russian spy is eliminating them to cover it up. However, another doctor freaks out on seeing Chapel when the agents stop by with him, and Chapel kills him after a foot chase. Later, Scully observes Chapel, evidently a new disguise of the Bounty Hunter, destroying some biological vats that the doctor had been tending in a warehouse.

Mulder is called home to Martha's Vineyard by his parents and gets a surprise when it turns out that his sister has apparently returned. Samantha says she had no memory until recently and has been raised by a foster family...which includes aliens the Bounty Hunter is after. Scully finds four clones while investigating the trashed biological vats and sends them into protective custody. The Bounty Hunter finds them anyway. Meanwhile, Scully gets a visit from Mulder at the same time she gets a phone call from him. To be continued...

Ken Roberts, who plays the Motel Proprieter, has a few roles as an announcer, notably in The Electric Company.

Episode Body Count

Doctors Landon Prince, Dale Gayheart, and Harvey Buchanan: alien abortion doctors who are apparently murdered by the Alien Bounty Hunter.

Doctor Aaron Baker: an alien also killed by neck-stab by the Alien Bounty Hunter.

Agent Barry Weiss: apparently dies of exposure to the Alien Bounty Hunter's blood.

Dr. James Dickens: an alien murdered by the Alien Bounty Hunter in the guise of Ambrose Chapel.

Four alien clones: it is strongly implied that the Alien Bounty Hunter does them in. I'll undead them if any got away.

Humans: 1
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 9

Cumulative Body Count (40/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 281
Creatures: 18
Aliens: 18

Grand Total: 317

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