Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Season 1, Episode 22: Born Again


A detective, Rudolph Barbala, falls to his death at his Buffalo, New York precinct after trying to interview an eight-year-old girl found nearby. The mother of the girl notes how she used to scream whenever she got near the water of the swimming pool, and how she has somehow learned origami. The girl gives police a description of another man in the room who defenestrated the detective, but Mulder suspects telekinesis on her part.

The girl's description matches a picture of a long-dead police officer, Charlie Morris, and that she has mutilated dolls in the same way the officer was killed. The investigation causes a detective, Tony Fiore, and former cop Leon Felder to sweat a little over a conspiracy they and Barbala had going to murder Morris, and Felder is killed in a bizarre incident witnessed by the girl. The agents find that the detective's wife used to be married to Morris and had an origami hobby. Mulder now ponders reincarnation.

Cleaning up a flashed image that appears on a video recording of a hypnotherapy session with the girl, Mulder realizes that Morris was drowned in his own fish tank. Morris's ghost and/or the girl give Fiore a non-lethal scare, causing him to plead guilty to a murder charge, and the girl begins to live a more normal life.

Maggie Wheeler, who plays Detective Sharon Lazard, went on to irritate millions as Janice on Friends.

Episode Body Count

Detective Rudolph Barbala: evidently thrown through a window by Morris's ghost and falls to his death.

Officer Charlie Morris: narcotics cop killed nine years before the episode by his partner and a detective.

Leon Felder: Barbala's former partner and an insurance agent, strangled to death by a scarf stuck in the door of an accelerating bus.

Humans: 3
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (22/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 170
Creatures: 10
Aliens: 7

Grand Total: 187

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