Monday, June 22, 2009

Season 2, Episode 12: Aubrey


The body of an FBI agent who disappeared in 1942 is found buried in a field in Aubrey, Missouri. Mulder says the agent and his partner were known for investigating serial murders and using psychology to do so, a practice as odd as the X-Files at that time. The woman who discovered the body despite the lack of hints of its presence, a local pregnant detective named B.J. Morrow, has been having nightmares that seem to be related to the murders.

A current set of murders in Aubrey has distinct similarities to the ones in the 1940s, namely that the word "sister" or "brother" is carved in their chests. The agents question a 77-year-old man, Harry Cokely, who Morrow recognizes from her dreams and who was convicted of rape and attempted murder in an identical slashing in 1945. Though the evidence seems to point to Cokely, the agents realize that Morrow is the granddaughter of Cokely and the woman he raped; Mulder believes that Cokely's memories were passed down to her and are causing her to commit murder.

Morrow attacks her grandmother, then Cokely. Briefly holding Mulder at razorpoint, Morrow relents after Cokely dies. She is committed to the psychiatric ward of a hospital, with a court hearing over custody of her child pending.

You don't recognize Terry O'Quinn? That's John friggin' Locke from Lost! Though he's also had prominent roles in other shows, including Millenium and Alias, as well as movie roles including Old School and, hey, The X-Files. Morgan Woodward, who plays Harry Cokely, had numerous Western roles and a recurring role on Dallas as Marvin "Punk" Anderson. Sarah-Jane Redmond, in a bit role as Young Mother, played Sgt. Sheila Kurtz on Da Vinci's Inquest.

Episode Body Count

Unknown murder victim: killed and found with the word "sister" carved into her chest.

Agent Sam Chaney: disappears in 1942, found at the beginning of the episode.

Three murders: Mulder says Chaney and his partner disappeared while investigating three bludgeoning deaths of young women in Aubrey.

Verna Johnson: murdered and found in an empty swimming pool.

Tim Ledbetter: Chaney's partner; his remains are unearthed by Morrow in a basement.

Harry Cokely: dies after being slashed by Morrow.

Humans: 8
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (36/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 257
Creatures: 11
Aliens: 9

Grand Total: 277

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