Friday, September 25, 2009

Site Update: Expect Slowdowns

This site is getting steady if very low traffic, and three followers have showed up so far. Can't really expect too much in the way of followers on a site dedicated to a TV show that started 16 years ago and has been off the air for a little more than seven years. I thought I'd give a little bit of an update on the future of the site for those who are following, though.

First off, I did an interview some time back for XFN, or X-Files News (link is available at right). This is pretty much the premier site for information on what's going on with the actors associated with the show and upcoming events and such, and it seems to be a main congregating point for X-Philes who still care enough about the show to seek out sites about it. The interview hasn't run yet, but the person who did it wrote me to let me know that it should be coming up at some point. I'll post a link whenever that happens.


"This is a great show..."

The payments I make toward my TV access actually have meaning again! Fall is here, and the shows I currently watch have either started or will be doing so soon. That's going to take up 10 hours per week, more or less, which is going to be combined with a full-time job, socializing with friends, sleep, reading, work on other blogs, etc. I'll probably still be able to check out a few episodes per week, though.

In the meantime, my Netflix subscription is very nearly running out, but the first X-Files movie is set to arrive tomorrow. I'll check it out and do a post then, and start going to town on the last four seasons after that.


  1. listen, i think this is amazing. i plan on reading it top to bottom...

    also, do you mind if i use some of your pics??? i'm doing my top 25 X-Files of all time, and i need visual aids?? thanks!!

  2. Sorry to get back a little late. Glad you like the blog!

    As for the pics, I've been taking them mostly from The X-Files Screen Grab Archive and the X-Files DVD Screen Captures sites, which are linked at the right.