Saturday, September 12, 2009

Season 5, Episode 10: Chinga


Somewhere in Maine, a nervous woman named Melissa takes her daughter shopping and sees an image of a dead butcher. Shortly after the girl's creepy doll opens its eyes and declares that it wants to have fun, everyone in the store starts clawing at their eyes. The butcher gets the worst of it, stabbing himself in the head after trying to confront the doll. Scully is on vacation there, and happens to run across the bloodshed at the market. She joins the case, and sees how Melissa and her daughter are the only people unaffected.

Scully finds that Melissa's daughter is autistic, and managed to knock out a her teacher after the teacher slapped her during a tantrum. A police officer named Buddy Riggs lets her know what's going on and urges her to get out of town with him, while Melissa warns him to not get involved. Melissa's daughter and/or her doll scalp an ice cream parlor worker who slighted her. Scully tries to leave the case after meeting with the teacher, a latter-day Puritan firebrand who thinks Melissa and her daughter are witches, but is once again recruited after the teacher turns up dead. Mulder, meanwhile, continues to chime in via phone to offer advice.

Melissa continues to see images of people who are about to die, while her daughter continues to run a dollocracy in the house. Riggs suspects Melissa of involvement in the murders, tries to take her in, and ends up clubbing himself to death. The fishing partner of Melissa's dead husband tells Scully that the man died after a grappling hook was somehow punched through his skull a few days after pulling up the doll in a lobster trap. Much to Mulder's delight, Scully begins to suspect the doll.

Melissa, after seeing an image of herself with a hammer in her head, tries to torch the house with her daughter and the doll inside. The doll puts a stop to these efforts, and Scully and a police officer manage to break in. As Melissa starts to hit herself with the hammer, Scully convinces her daughter to give her the doll and proceeds to nuke it in the microwave, ending the curse. Scully returns to Washington, a little more curious about Mulder's "I Want To Believe" poster. Back in Maine, another fisherman dredges up the doll, burned but still functional.

The episode was written by noted horror author and Maine resident Stephen King.

Episode Body Count

Dave the Butcher: dies after he is forced to stab himself in the eye. Ouch.

Melissa Turner's husband: a fisherman, dies after getting a grappling hook through his skull prior to the episode. Also ouch.

Jane Froelich: Polly Turner's former teacher, dies after she is forced to slice open an artery with a broken record.

Buddy Riggs: dies after he is forced to beat himself to death with his nightstick.

Humans: 4
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (107/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 1,244
Creatures: 82
Aliens: 57

Grand Total: 1,383

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