Sunday, September 27, 2009

Season 6, Episode 1: The Beginning


In Arizona, a worker with Roush Technologies is killed after an alien gestates inside his body and escapes. In DC, Mulder says he'll be able to restore a good portion of the X-Files, though an FBI panel is skeptical that it's the best use of his time. Mulder has apparently regained his faith in the existence of alien life after the Antarctic adventure, but the panel is skeptical of his claims of bee-spread virus and alien colonists. Scully is also still fairly skeptical, and says she's determined that the virus is terrestrial.

The Syndicate realizes the Roush worker probably accidentally infected himself while working with black oil, and frets over the missing alien. Skinner tips Mulder off to the incident after the panel declines reassignment of the X-Files to Mulder and Scully, instead giving it to Spender and Fowley. Mulder and Scully travel to Arizona, while Cancer Man takes Praise from the middle of brain surgery to find the alien. At a nearby nuclear power plant, a workman is killed by the alien. Spender and Fowley investigate its possible connection to the two previous deaths and refuse to let Mulder and Scully onto the case.

Mulder and Scully find Praise, who has escaped his captors. Mulder also wants his assistance in finding the alien, though Scully convinces him that he still needs protection as a key to everything in the X-Files. Fowley comes to Mulder to let him know about the case, and he wonders if the aliens seek heat as a way of speeding gestation. They sneak into the nuclear plant and find a mucus-like organic substance where the workman was killed. Scully takes Praise to a hospital, and finds that he has signs of the same virus she was exposed to in his system.

Praise is once again taken by a Syndicate member, and they head to the nuclear plant as well. Praise's kidnapper is killed by the alien in the plant's core. The FBI panel orders Mulder and Scully to cease all association with the X-Files, and reassigns them to Assistant Director Alvin Kersh. Spender meets with Cancer Man, who thanks Spender for his work towards breaking Mulder's spirit. Mulder continues working to restore the X-Files, and Scully tells him that the alien virus is part of every human's inactive "junk DNA," only the DNA is switched on in Praise's case. At the nuclear plant, Praise hangs out with the alien, which turns out to be a traditional grey-skinned extraterrestrial after shedding its skin.

First appearance of Assistant Director Alvin Kersh, played by James Pickens Jr., who now plays Dr. Richard Webber in Grey's Anatomy. Wendie Malick, who plays A.D. Maslin, is probably best known for her role as Nina Van Horn on Just Shoot Me. Benito Martinez plays an orderly in this episode, and also played David Aceveda in The Shield. Rick Millikan, who plays Sandy, was a casting director for The X-Files and currently works in the same capacity on Bones. Arthur Taxier, playing A.D. Bart, played Lt. Carl Zymak on the late 1980s show Midnight Caller.

Episode Body Count

Sandy: dies after an alien finishes growing inside him.

Carpool guy: killed by the alien after he finds Sandy's body.

Homer: killed by the alien at the nuclear power plant.

Black-Haired Man: attacked and killed by the alien in the plant's core.

Humans: 4
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (118/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 1,436
Creatures: 88
Aliens: 61

Grand Total: 1,585

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