Saturday, September 5, 2009

Season 5, Episode 5: The Post-Modern Prometheus


The episode's story is apparently within the pages of a comic book called The Great Mutato, and filmed in black-and-white in the style of an old horror movie. "Somewhere in the land," a woman named Shaineh Berkowitz sees some sort of monstrous double-faced man enter her home after it has been draped with a fumigator's cloth, hears a Cher song, and wakes up three days later pregnant. She contacts Mulder (thanks to a reference on The Jerry Springer Show) and says something similar has happened before, and led to another pregnancy.

Scully notes that Berkowitz's description is similar to a depiction of "The Great Mutato" in a comic book of the same name drawn by her son, Izzy. He tells the agents that lots of people have seen Mutato, and their search leads them to a farmer known as Old Man Pollidori and his son, a mad scientist known as Dr. Pollidori who is dabbling in genetics. Dr. Pollidori does not want children, though his wife does, and she is impregnated after her house is also covered with a fumigator's cloth. Mulder interacts with the oddball locals at the diner.

The agents investigate the Pollidori home after seeing the cloth over it. Old Man Pollidori is revealed to be raising the Cher-obsessed Mutato in his home. Angered by this, Dr. Pollidori kills his father, and Mutato mourns him. The local police say Mutato is just a scam put on by Izzy. Scully, however, now wants to look into the case a little more after analyzing the residue of the gaseous substance and finding that it's an agricultural product. The agents go to Old Man Pollidori's house, and are met soon after by an angry mob led by Dr. Pollidori in search of Mutato.

The agents find and protect Mutato, who tells the mob that he is one of Dr. Pollidori's experiments and Old Man Pollidori was looking to create a mate for him. Since the science was too complex, all he managed to create was a bunch of locals with characteristics of farm animals. He also says that he gave Berkowitz a loving son, and learned about love, and the mob softens up. Dr. Pollidori is arrested, and Mulder, realizing that the story is supposed to end with the monster seeking his bride, arranges to bring Mutato and other locals to see Cher. Berkowitz and Mrs. Pollidori go on The Jerry Springer Show to express their love for their mutant babies, and Mulder and Scully share a dance.

Jerry Springer, who hosted the trashy talk show The Jerry Springer Show and was mayor of Cincinnati for awhile, guest stars as himself. John O'Hurley, who plays Dr. Pollidori, also played J. Peterman on several episodes of Seinfeld.

Episode Body Count

Old Man Pollidori: strangled by Dr. Pollidori.

Humans: 1
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (102/202 episodes, 0/2 movies)

Humans: 1,230
Creatures: 81
Aliens: 55

Grand Total: 1,366

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