Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Season 8, Episode 8: Surekill


Afraid that someone is trying to kill him, a real estate agent in Massachusetts flees to a police station and is thrown in the drunk tank...where he is gunned down anyway. The police find a bullet hole in the air vent, but Doggett and Scully discover that the shot was fired all the way from the station roof. Randall Cooper, a seemingly slow man who works at his brother Dwight's extermination business, turns out to be the assassin and tells Dwight that he committed the murder after seeing the realtor stealing from him. Dwight confronts a group of drug dealers in a warehouse and steals their cash after Randall shoots them all from behind a wall.

Scully posits that since visible light is only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the shooter might be able to see other wavelengths (ie, have X-ray vision). Meanwhile, Randall seems to have a thing for Dwight's girlfriend, Tammi Peyton. Doggett and Scully question Dwight after finding that the realtor was in contact with the extermination business and that there were traces of insecticide on a towel used as a silencer. The agents find that the brothers are twins, and Dwight is legally blind.

Searching the business, the agents find that the Coopers and the realtor were in some sort of profitable venture. Scully figures they've been exploiting Randall's vision to kill drug dealers and steal their money. Doggett is confused as to why the realtor was killed, since he helped sell the stolen drugs for additional cash, and they figure it has something to do with jealousy over Peyton. Meanwhile, Peyton plans to escape the whole business and get Randall out as well. Dwight finds her and realizes that she's been skimming money for months, and she says that the realtor was blackmailing her after also finding out. Dwight tries to get Randall to kill her, saying she was just using him, but Randall ends up shooting Dwight instead. Tammi escapes but remains wanted for questioning, as Randall is imprisoned.

Michael Bowen, who plays Dwight Cooper, also played Buck in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Danny Pickett on Lost. The episode is dedicated to the memory of Gregory Nathan Boniface, who played one of the drug dealers and died in 2000.

Episode Body Count

Carlton Chase: shot in a police drunk tank by Randall Cooper.

About eight rats: seen in the dumpster outside AAA-1 Surekill Exterminators.

Three gangbangers: shot in a warehouse by Randall Cooper.

Dwight Cooper: shot outside his extermination business by Randall Cooper.

Humans: 5
Creatures: 8
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (169/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 1,777
Creatures: 124
Aliens: 63

Grand Total: 1,964

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  1. Just watched the episode. Another awesome one . Kind of a 'Of mice and men' concept. Unfortunate thing about the gangbanger Boniface. This is a really coop blog. I'm a huge xfiles fan! Keep it up!!