Saturday, November 21, 2009

Season 8, Episode 3: Patience


An undertaker and his wife in Idaho are killed by a bat-like creature. Scully and Doggett head out to investigate, and Scully notes some strange four-toed prints at the house laid every 25 feet. Doggett thinks a deformed killer may just be on the loose. They find a pair of fingers that were bitten off the undertaker in the attic, along with some claw marks on a rafter. Scully finds that the undertaker has anticoagulants in his system that are only found in bats. Doggett finds a newspaper article from 1956 about a Bat Thing that was presumed killed by hunters but disappeared after killing several people. The Bat Thing kills an old woman, and Scully learns that the new slayings started after the burned body of the woman's daughter was found in a river a week before.

The agents find that something has already tried to dig up the daughter's coffin, and the Bat Thing kills the local detective. Scully finds that Myron Stefaniuk, the brother of one of the hunters who brought in the Bat Thing in 1956, found the daughter's body. Scully and Doggett soon discover that the hunter, Ernie Stefaniuk, has been living on a remote island to hide from the creature, which is presumably seeking revenge on the hunters. Scully says the Bat Thing is attacking anything with the daughter's scent on it, as she turned out to be Ernie's wife.

Doggett is attacked by the Bat Thing as he goes to warn Myron that he might be in danger. The Bat Thing shows up on the roof of Ernie's house, and Scully opens fire from inside. As Scully checks outside, the creature attacks Ernie. Scully manages to hit it with a few shots, and is assisted by a seriously wounded Doggett before the Bat Thing flies away. Later, the agents get a fax from Myron, who is going into hiding. Scully, having accepted Doggett as a fellow X-Filer, promises him a desk and keeps Mulder's nameplate in a drawer.

Brent Sexton, who plays a gravedigger here, currently plays Robert Stark in Life.

Episode Body Count

Tall George: torn apart by the Bat Thing.

Tall George's wife: also killed by the Bat Thing.

Zeke MacPherson: a stretch, I'll admit, but a body nonetheless; Tall George is an undertaker and declares that the smell of embalming fluid didn't wake MacPherson, "God rest his soul."

Mrs. McKesson: killed by the Bat Thing.

County coroner and three other men: Doggett says five men were killed by the Bat Thing or disappeared. One man, Ernie Stefaniuk, turns out to be in hiding.

Ariel McKesson: dies of congestive heart failure, her body is found burned in a river a week before the new Bat Thing killings begin.

Bat: tacked to the door of Ernie Stefaniuk.

Detective Abbott: torn up by the Bat Thing.

It's unclear whether the Bat Thing kills Ernie Stefaniuk or not. The Bat Thing is also declared killed in the 1956 article, but apparently it's the same thing that attacks again 44 years later.

Humans: 10
Creatures: 1
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (164/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 1,737
Creatures: 115
Aliens: 63

Grand Total: 1,915

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