Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Season 7, Episode 22: Requiem


In Oregon, specifically the same place as the first episode, a couple of police officers have a run-in with malfunctioning electronics and a fire in the woods. Mulder and Scully are getting chewed out for the expenses they've incurred during their work, and Marita has Krycek released from a Tunisian prison. Billy Miles calls the agents, saying things are happening again, and they head out to Oregon. Krycek and Marita visit Cancer Man at the Watergate apartments and find him deathly ill; Cancer Man tells them they have a unique opportunity to rebuild the project because a UFO has crashed in Oregon after colliding with a Navy jet. A teen investigating the crash site with a friend is abducted.

Miles, now a deputy, tells the agents about the crash, and his father says the Navy jet has been recovered but not any other craft. Mulder and Scully visit the wife of a deputy missing after the initial encounter, and she gives them medical records that he kept secret. Scully little depressed and chilly after briefly babysitting the woman's baby, and she and Mulder cuddle a bit. Krycek shadows the agents, and the deputy's wife is abducted. The teen's friend tells the agents about his encounter, and Scully has a similar experience but is not abducted. Mulder realizes that the former abductees are being taken again, and they need to warn Billy. They arrive too late, finding him missing following a confrontation with his father (who reveals himself as the Alien Bounty Hunter).

Two days later, Skinner brings Krycek and Marita to see Mulder. They warn him about Cancer Man's plans. The Lone Gunmen tell the agents that the craft appears only as a variety of transmission errors and such. Scully realizes that the abductees suffered from the same brain trauma Mulder previously experienced, and that the aliens are after him and not her. Using lasers to find the ship's location, Mulder walks into a strange force field and is spirited away with the other abductees as Skinner looks on. Krycek throws Cancer Man down a flight of stairs, presumably killing him. Skinner tells Scully about how he saw the UFO, and Scully tells him that even though it shouldn't be possible, she's pregnant.

Eddie Kay Thomas, who has the unassuming role of 1st Young Man, now voices Barry on American Dad!

Episode Body Count

Detective Miles: seen stuffed in the trunk of his own car, presumably dead, after a run-in with the Alien Bounty Hunter.

Cancer Man: presumed dead after being hurled down a flight of stairs by Krycek.

Humans: 2
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Season Body Count

Humans: 173
Creatures: 10
Aliens: 0

Humans go back up from last season, creatures decrease, and aliens get off easy.

Cumulative Body Count (161/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 1,727
Creatures: 114
Aliens: 62

Grand Total: 1,903

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