Sunday, November 1, 2009

Season 7, Episode 10: Sein und Zeit


The mother of a girl named Amber Lynn LaPierre in California goes into something a trance and writes a threatening note referring to her daughter being kidnapped, signing it "Nobody shoots at Santa Claus." LaPierre's father sees her dead, then apparently OK, before the bedroom door slams shut and LaPierre vanishes. Mulder wants the case before it turns into a media circus, and Skinner gives him a brief window of opportunity. After interviewing the parents, Mulder thinks they're not guilty but did lie about where they found the note.

The FBI has found that the handwriting in the note is similar to that of LaPierre's mother, but Mulder has found another "No one shoots at Santa Claus" note from a 1987 file. In that case, the boy's mother, Kathy Lee Tencate, has been convicted of murder even though her son's body was never found. Tencate has changed her story to admit to committing the murder during a psychotic episode, but Mulder thinks she's innocent and changed her story to earn time off. He wants her help in the case, while Scully begins to think that Mulder is personalizing the case due to Samantha's disappearance.

Tencate, via video, tells LaPierre's parents that while she doesn't remember writing her own note, she's sure that her son and their daughter are in a better place. The LaPierres are not charged for lack of evidence, while somewhere a corpulent man has made quite a few videos of children. Mulder's mother apparently commits suicide after burning photos of Mulder and Samantha, but Mulder thinks it's been staged since she had called him seeking to tell him something. Mulder tells Tencate about Samantha, and she says his mother would have seen the "walk-ins," old souls looking for new homes, who "live in the starlight."

The pedophile turns out to be the operator of Santa's North Pole Village. Mulder thinks his mother was warning him that he was looking for Samantha in the wrong place and was killed for it, but Scully says she determined by autopsy that his mother committed suicide after all after finding that she was suffering from Paget's carcinoma; she says may have been trying to tell him to stop looking for Samantha so he would stop suffering.

LaPierre's mother sees a vision of her daughter mouthing "seventy-four," and the agents and Skinner fly back to California. The number doesn't have any significance to either parent and Mulder thinks it's just delusion; he also says he's too close to the case and asks to be removed. Scully sees a sign for Highway 74, and they head to Santa's North Pole Village after discovering that it's located on that road. Mulder and Scully find the cache of videotapes, including one of LaPierre at the village from two days before her disappearance. The pedophile flees the scene, but is pursued by Skinner. He fires a warning shot and gets the man, Ed Truelove, to stop in a grove dotted with what look like graves. To be continued...

Episode Body Count

JonBenet Ramsey: a Colorado girl murdered in 1996, appears briefly on a newscast in comparison to LaPierre's kidnapping.

Teena Mulder: commits suicide by taking an overdose of diazepam and running the gas.

And then there's the end of the episode, but I'll hold off until those are confirmed as bodies.

Humans: 2
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (149/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 1,618
Creatures: 114
Aliens: 62

Grand Total: 1,794

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