Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Season 6, Episode 8: The Rain King


On Valentine's Day in Kansas, a woman named Sheila Fontaine prepares a romantic evening for her fiance, Daryl Mootz. The TV weatherman, Holman Hardt, says a drought is continuing for the area. Mootz insults Fontaine and goes out for a drive. As Fontaine weeps at home, Mootz is hit by a rainstorm, then crashes his car as it gets hit by a violent storm of heart-shaped hail.

Six months later, Mootz has styled himself as "The Rain King." Mulder and Scully fly out on the request of the mayor, who thinks Mootz is causing the drought so he can charge people to bring rain to their farms. Visiting the local TV station, Hardt says that no evidence exists to suggest that Mootz is controlling the weather, but it seems like he's doing it nonetheless. The agents attend one of Mootz's incredibly corny performances (and see that he lost his leg in the accident), and are surprised when it causes a drenching rain. In the middle of the night, Mulder escapes death when a cow is apparently lifted out of a field by a tornado and dropped into his motel room.

Fontaine, who also works at the TV station, confesses to the agents that strange weather events have occurred during her life and the rain has been following her since her fight with Mootz. She blames herself for Mootz's accident, but a doctor says it was a result of speed and booze. The rain immediately stops, and Mulder thinks the weather might actually be a result of Hardt's feelings. Hardt, meanwhile, is in love with Fontaine but is having difficulty expressing it; unfortunately, Fontaine has taken a liking to Mulder.

Mulder has deduced things pretty well, telling Hardt he's unintentionally controlling the weather and needs to express his feelings to Fontaine before he kills someone. Mootz goes into debt as his business collapses, and breaks up with his secretary to try to mooch off Fontaine. On the eve of the high school reunion, Hardt tells Fontaine he loves her, which leads to rain, though Fontaine apparently doesn't quite get it and tells him she's in love with Mulder.

The reunion is beset by thunderstorms and flood warnings. During a dance, Hardt clarifies that he's been in love with Fontaine since high school, but Fontaine isn't too happy to hear it. Scully tells Mulder's theory to Fontaine, who thinks she's just trying to divert her from Mulder; Scully tells her that relationships rooted in friendships are the best ones. The weather worsens. Fontaine is impressed with Hardt creating the weather out of his love for her, however, and things go back to normal as they kiss. Even Mootz has a happy ending, getting back together with his secretary, and the episode closes with Hardt and Fontaine married with a child in the middle of a beautiful day.

Victoria Jackson, who plays Sheila Fontaine, was formerly a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

Episode Body Count

Cow: tornado'd to death after getting dropped into Mulder's motel room.

Irene Hardt: Holman Hardt's mother, dies in 1991.

Humans: 1
Creatures: 1
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (125/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 1,457
Creatures: 100
Aliens: 61

Grand Total: 1,618

And Tornado Cow puts the creatures count into three digits!

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