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Season 6, Episode 14: Monday


Skinner arrives at a standoff at a DC bank, where a woman named Pam calls him by name and tells him to stop what's about to happen. Inside, Mulder has been shot and Scully is tending to him. As police storm the bank, the robber triggers a bomb on his chest. And thus ended the series.

No, of course not. Before all that, Mulder wakes to find that his water bed has sprung a leak, shorting out his cell phone and alarm clock and making him late for a meeting. He also has to deposit his paycheck or the check he wrote to the landlord for the damages will bounce. The robber, Pam's boyfriend, shows up outside the bank with him, and it's clear that Pam has seen this all enough to memorize it, though it's different thanks this time around because Mulder glances at her before heading inside. The robber sticks up the bank, Scully shows up looking for Mulder, and Mulder is shot. Scully tries unsuccessfully to get the robber to show the police that he has a bomb so they won't storm the place, in a slightly different way than the opening, but the robber still blows the place up.

The day repeats, again with a slight change of some circumstances in Mulder's lousy morning. Pam tries to call Mulder, but he doesn't answer; she also fails to talk her boyfriend out of the robbery. Mulder describes the day as one he wishes he could rewind and start over, and ponders how the smallest choices can change everything. Scully offers to deposit Mulder's check so he can catch a meeting, but still has to go there after he realizes he's endorsed the stub. Pam begs him not to go inside, but he does so after hearing a gunshot. He and Scully try to get the robber to give up, but he triggers the bomb after realizing the teller has tripped the silent alarm.

Mulder's lousy morning, slight differences. This time, Pam heads into the FBI as a tourist and tells Scully not to go to the bank, and to keep Mulder away as well. Mulder's been having a deja vu feeling all morning, and says some Freudians consider the sensation a result of suppressed memories. Scully tells him about Pam's visit, so Mulder decides to use the ATM to make his deposit. Unfortunately, it's not working, but he recognizes Pam from Scully's description and goes to talk to her. She tells him she's been reliving the same day over and over, always with the same result, and has determined that Mulder is the variable that needs to change. He decides to return to the meeting, only to find Scully has gone to the bank to look for him. Mulder returns there and manages to shoot the robber. He still throws the trigger, and Mulder repeats "He's got a bomb" to himself.

Last try. Mulder sort of recognizes Pam, but she makes no attempt to help this time. He also recognizes the robber and recalls that he has a bomb. Mulder calls Scully and asks her to bring Pam into the bank. Inside, Mulder confronts the robber and says he won't stop the crime, but urges the robber to change his fate. He tries to rob the bank anyway, but Scully brings Pam. Mulder tells the robber that the day is hellishly repeating for Pam. The robber seems ready to leave, but tries to shoot Mulder when he hears sirens approaching. Pam takes the bullet instead, and the robber surrenders. The next day arrives, with Pam having passed away.

Carrie Hamilton, who plays Pam, was Carol Burnett's daughter; she died in 2002 of cancer. Darren E. Burrows, who plays Bernard, also played Ed Chigliak on Northern Exposure.

Episode Body Count

Pam: shot and killed by her boyfriend during the bank robbery.

Humans: 1
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Lots of alternate universes this season...

Cumulative Body Count (131/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 1,520
Creatures: 101
Aliens: 62

Grand Total: 1,683

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