Sunday, October 4, 2009

Season 6, Episode 7: Terms of Endearment


A Virginia couple, Wayne and Laura Weinsider, finds that their unborn child appears to have some unusual bony growth on its skull. That night, Laura dreams that a demon is stealing the (horned and tailed) baby, and wakes to find herself covered in blood. The local cop (Laura's brother) goes to Spender for help. Spender proceeds to send the case into the shredder, though Mulder has taken to harvesting the paper from there and goes after the case on the down-low.

Mulder thinks it's a classic case of demon fetal harvest, and calls Scully (who is doing background checks as part of her new duties) to let her know; Wayne overhears the call, and that night he digs up the baby's corpse and burns it in an incinerator. By phone, Scully confirms the birth defects; she also says mandrake was found in Laura's system, and that Laura might have induced a miscarriage and is therefore subject to arrest. It turns out Wayne has another wife, Betsy, who is also pregnant.

Wayne privately tells Laura that he found her chanting demonically on the night the baby was lost, and that he burned the body; the police find the remains in the incinerator while searching the premises. Laura believes she's killed the child, but Mulder suspects Wayne and begins to badger him. Wayne visits his wife in prison, and tries unsuccessfully to drain the life from her.

Betsy's sonagram also shows bony skull growth. Mulder thinks Wayne has assumed various identities since emigrating from Czechoslovakia. Another baby is found on Wayne's property, and Mulder thinks that the reason he's killing the babies with defects is that he wants a normal child. Wayne's other wife also sees a demonic vision, but apparently recognizes it as Wayne and demands to know what he's trying to do.

Mulder and Scully come across Betsy in a blood-soaked nightgown, and she says Wayne took her baby. The agents find Wayne digging in the ground; he says Betsy took the baby, and he is trying to dig up the truth. Before he can give his view, Laura's brother shoots him several times. Wayne is hospitalized, and returns Laura's life force to her. The police discover the bodies of four normal babies where Wayne was digging, and Mulder realizes that Betsy had the exact opposite motivation of Wayne. The episode closes with Betsy briefly showing blood-red eyes as she happily drives off with her demonic child.

Bruce Campbell, who plays Wayne Weinsider, is known for several roles including Ash in the Evil Dead movies, Sam Axe in Burn Notice, and cameos in every Spider-Man movie.

Episode Body Count

Weinsider baby: dies after a premature birth and burned by Wayne.

Gisele and Helga Veles: Mulder finds records that they were murdered in Czechoslovakia.

Another baby: also with demonic deformities, found in the Weinsiders' yard.

Wayne Weinsider: shot and injured, dies after returning Laura's life to her.

Four other babies: non-defected, buried where Wayne was digging.

Humans: 9
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (124/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 1,456
Creatures: 99
Aliens: 61

Grand Total: 1,616

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