Sunday, October 18, 2009

Season 6, Episode 17: Trevor


An inmate named Pinker Rawls is locked in a hot box at the Mississippi prison farm after nailing another prisoner's hand to a wall during preparations for an approaching tornado. Rawls and the box both disappear in the storm, and the farm's superintendent shows up dead and in two pieces. He's a little charbroiled at the ends, so Scully is even willing to give the idea of spontaneous human combustion a go. The agents find the wall to the warden's locked office extremely brittle, and also discover that the $90,000 Rawls stole from a wire office was never recovered.

Rawls easily escapes a security guard's attempt to handcuff him to a pole, as well as an old acquaintance's attempt to shoot him. Mulder and Scully find the thug's body, and Mulder theorizes that Rawls has gained the ability to walk through solid objects and change their composition, which would include turning flesh into carbon. The agents also realize that Rawls is trying to track down his old sweetheart, June Gurwitch. They go to Gurwitch's sister's house, where Rawls has just showed up, and Rawls hides in their trunk to find out where Gurwitch lives.

Gurwitch tells the agents that she has used the $90,000 to settle into a happier life with her fiance. Mulder finds out about Rawls' hitchhiking after seeing damage to the trunk lid. From a message burned on the wall of the house, Mulder also discovers that Rawls can't pass through glass or other electrical insulators. Scully finds that Rawls is trying to find his son, who was born after he was imprisoned. Rawls kidnaps Gurwitch from protective custody. Mulder and Scully realize that the son is likely staying with Gurwitch's sister.

Gurwitch takes Rawls to see his son at the sister's house, and Rawls tries to take him away. The agents arrive, armed with rubber bullets. Scully protects Rawls' son in a glass phone booth, and though Rawls smashes a hole in the booth he walks away when he realizes how scared his son is. Gurwitch runs him down with a car, the windshield killing him.

Catherine Dent, who plays June Gurwitch, played Officer Dani Sofer on The Shield. John Diehl, who plays Pinker Rawls, also played Detective Larry Vito on Miami Vice.

Episode Body Count

Raybert Fellowes: the superintendent at the prison farm, halved by Rawls during his escape.

Bo Merkle: dies after Rawls burns away the majority of his head.

Trooper Collins: killed by Rawls.

Wilson Pinker Rawls: cut in half by the windshield of Gurwtich's car.

Humans: 4
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Cumulative Body Count (134/202 episodes, 1/2 movies)

Humans: 1,538
Creatures: 104
Aliens: 62

Grand Total: 1,704

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