Monday, February 8, 2016

Season 10, Episode 4: Home Again


In West Philadelphia (born and raised), a housing official is in the midst of clearing homeless people out of their encampments. That night, he is murdered in his office when a man uses seemingly supernatural strength to tear him apart. He then climbs into the back of a garbage truck.

Mulder and Scully arrive at the crime scene, where the forensics team is having trouble identifying footprints. Scully is informed that her mother has suffered a heart attack. The security cameras have all been knocked aside before the murder, despite their elevated height. Mulder also notes how a large piece of street art, an ominous figure, appeared on a billboard facing the official's office overnight.

Mulder overhears an argument between a man named Daryl Landry, who was working on moving the homeless out of the downtown area to create an upscale apartment, and a woman named Nancy Huff, a school board member who is upset that the duo plans to move the homeless into an abandoned hospital near a high school. Asking who represents the homeless, one of the nearby vagrants tells Mulder that it's the "Band-Aid Nose Man." Mulder then notices that the section of billboard with the street art has disappeared.

A lab tests a Band-Aid that Mulder has found at the crime scene, only to find that it has no traces of life on it. Scully discovers that her mother has a "do not resuscitate" order if she is unconscious for long enough. It turns out that the street art has been stolen by a couple of thieves, who are soon torn apart. Mulder learns that the street art has been created by someone with the alias Trashman.

Landry tries to ship the homeless to the abandoned hospital and is informed by Huff that there is an injunction against the action. Soon after, Huff is murdered at her home. Scully's mother briefly revives and tells Mulder, "My son is named William too," disturbing Scully. The forensic analysis allows the agents to track down Trashman, and they catch a glimpse of the grotesque figure we've seen at the murders. When they corner him, however, they find a homeless artist and a sculpture made of trash. Trashman claims he created the Band-Aid Nose Man to scare anyone who mistreats the homeless, but that it has somehow gotten imbued with life (it's happened before) and is taking bloody vengeance.

Mulder realizes that Landry will be the next target. They arrive at the new homeless housing project too late to save him. Trashman disappears, leaving the same ominous painting up on the building he was squatting in. As she prepares to spread her mother's ashes, Scully ruminates on the decision to give William away and hopes it was for the best.

Alessandro Juliani, who plays Joseph Cutler, might be best known as  Lt. Felix Gaeta from the rebooted Battlestar Galactica. Sheila Larken has played Margaret Scully in 17 episodes, starting with "Beyond the Sea." Veena Sood, who plays Dr. Louise Colquitt, also played Ms. Saunders way back in the episode "Shadows." The six-foot-nine John DeSantis, who plays Band-Aid Nose Man, also played Lurch in The New Addams Family.

Episode Body Count

Joseph Cutler: torn apart by Band-Aid Nose Man

Hospital patient: dies while Scully is in the hospital with her mother

Two art thieves: also torn apart by Band-Aid Nose Man

Nancy Huff: killed in her home by Band-Aid Nose Man

Margaret Scully: dies in the hospital after suffering a heart attack

Daryl Landry: killed in the homeless housing project by Band-Aid Nose Man

Humans: 7
Creatures: 0
Aliens: 0

Screenshots this week are from

Cumulative Body Count (202/202 episodes, 2/2 movies, 4/16 reboot episodes)

Humans: 2,334
Creatures: 132
Aliens: 66

Grand Total: 2,532

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