Saturday, May 9, 2009

The X-Files Body Count Begins!

Against better judgment, I've decided to start a third blog, though this one will at least have a start and a finish. I'm going to go through The X-Files again and keep track of the body count of humans, monsters, and aliens. The show's been off the air for some time, but I'm guessing there's still a big enough fan base out there and TV body counts are popular on the Interwebs these days. Be sure to tell all your friends.

So I'll start the first of the 202 episodes and two movies tonight, watch episodes as I'm able (hopefully fairly steady during the summer when not much is on, likely less so once seasons start up again), and eventually get a full count of however many people and creatures bite the dust on the show. Beginning estimate: 1,689.

A few disclaimers: I've seen most of the series before, so I know that some people don't remain dead, but I'll approach this as if it's the first time I'm watching it and scratch people off if it's applicable. Also, it will follow the rules of Gimpy from Undergrads:

"Alternate dimensions don't count!"

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